Swanstone Commercial Applications - Education

A smart combination of beauty and function.

Swanstone shower walls, floors and vanity tops have endured abuse from students so well, they've been chosen for dorms across the nation. That’s because compression-molded Swanstone won't chip, crack, mold or mildew. It's simply the best choice for long-term wear and tear. Student after student, semester after semester.

•  5 times stronger than other solid surfaces
•  Heat resistant to 450° — flat irons can't burn it
•  Stain-resistant against makeup, hair dye, and even harsh acids
•  Chemically inert with no VOCs
•  Tough, long-lasting Swanstone can contribute to LEED credits

Specs at-a-glance
Cost comparison
Product comparison
Impact Resistance No damage. (1lb. ball dropped onto .25 inch thick sheet)
Stain Resistance Passes
Cigarette Resistance No lasting effect
Boiling Water Resistance No effect
High Temperature Resistance No effect
Abrasion Resistance Passes
Color Stability No change
Thermal Conductivity No effect
Tensile Strength 3580 PSI
Hardness 115 Rockwell R Scale, 42 Barcol
Bacterial Resistance No Growth
Slip Resistance Passes
Fungus Resistance Passes
Wear and Cleanability Passes
Flexural Strength 7840
Water Absorption .033
Fire Rating Class I

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