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Swanstone Countertops


Residential Applications

Our countertops give you the beauty and toughness of genuine Swanstone matched with an endless array of design possibilities.

  • Matching solid and aggregate colored kitchen sinks - a Swanstone exclusive.
  • Color runs all the way through - surface cannot chip or wear away.
  • Scratches buff out of matte finish easily with household cleaners.
  • Hot pots, boiling water and cooktops will not harm surface.
  • Highest resistance to impact from heavy objects - up to five times stronger.

  • Click here for Swanstone's Spec & Data Sheet

Commercial Applications

(Education, Healthcare, Public Housing, Food Service)

Swanstone countertops give you maximum design flexibility. Their beauty and durability make them a perfect choice for virtually any commercial application.

  • Good for high traffic areas.
  • Compression-molded to resist cracks, gouges and dings.
  • Easy to clean and maintain - doesn’t promote bacteria or fungi growth.
  • NSF-approved - easy to sanitize with bleach & water, even harsh chemicals & abrasive cleaners.
  • A warm, commercial-grade material without the sterile cold look.